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Sloup v Čechách

The 5 ways project offers to visitors of the Nový Bor region a unique chance to explore the beautiful country of Czech glassmakers and its most important sights and places of interest.

On five different locations, you will find various interrelated and mutually complementing activities as well as magical vistas overlooking a captivating woodland countryside full of curious sandstone structures. All of this along an easy route accessible literally to anyone.

You can experience truly absorbing moments during your visit in the artisan glasswork and Glassmakers’ tavern of AJETO in Lindava where your guide will introduce you to the technology of glassmaking and then, in your first glassblowing lesson, you will be able to create your own vase or a mug.

In Zákupy you will be enthralled by magnificent Baroque chateau with romantic gardens. Visit of Eduard Held´s Museum of Stationery and Carnival Masks is a great show of the traditional carnival goods made in original molds and technology. Creative visitors can paint the mask in the open workshop. History of Sudeten Germans in this region is also a part of this museum.

In Sloup v Čechách ascent to the lookout tower with a marvelous view of its surroundings, visit the unique Forest Theatre, the hermit’s fabulous rock castle or experience an action entertainment at the open air forest swimming pool or at the local adrenaline rope walkway in the treetops.

In Nový Bor, a traditional centre of the glass manufacture, don´t miss out on a visit in the Glass Museum offering a comprehensive overview of the development of both historical and contemporary glass. Then you can buy modern noble glass of various shapes and colours in the recently opened shop of the CRYSTALEX glassworks and your visit of the glass town can finish in the Glass Centre AJETO which offers a unique connection of glass, a design museum, a hot shop and a restaurant with a delicious cuisine.

Your journey will end in another glass town, Kamenický Šenov, with the Glass Museum exhibiting collections of engra- ved glass, with the showroom of the PROUSEK company where you can see unique and amazing crystal chandeliers and with a lovely view at the Czech landscape from a majestic basalt rock formation called „the Organ“



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Sloup v Čechách

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